Intel produce the most advanced microprocessor technology on the planet, combining sheer performance with innovation. A most popular and trusted brand of the past decades for the office, creativity and games. All processors have dependable and consistent reliability throughout the entire range. 

  • 8th and 9th Generation Intel and Intel i9 CPU Options
  • Socket LGA1151 & Socket LGA2066 platforms.
  • Choose between H310, H370, Z390 and X299 chipsets
  • For any budget, from a cheap PC through to extreme PC high performance computing.
Intel CPU Summary

AMD push the boundaries of what is possible with computing, and is a breath of fresh air. Unprecedented multi-threading performance, coupled with a very competitive price point has certainly stirred Intels market.  

  • AMD Athlon, Ryzen and Threadripper Options
  • Unified Socket AM4 and TR4 platforms.
  • Choose between AMD B450, AMD X570 and X399 chipset types
  • For any budget, from a cheap AMD PC through to a Threadripper PC 
  • Performance matches the Intel range of CPU’s
Amd CPU Summary

Creating your gaming PC components is not 
difficult at all. Following the step by step process each stage will help you choose which component best suited, starting with the CPU. On the Component Picking page the list of CPU’s will be displayed with thumbnails and information. To the right is the step by step guide. Click the next one when done. On the left side are parameters to choose from to help you find what your looking for.

Required Steps

  1. CPU – Choose AMD/Intel. Some CPU’s may require cooling, please check the information first.

  2. Motherboard – The correct type of Motherboards will be displayed for the chosen CPU

  3. Memory – List of available Memory from 4GB upwards.

  4. Graphics Cards – Any Graphics Cards will be displayed since they will fit all Motherboards.

  5. Power Supply – A list of Power Supplies suited depending on the recommended minimum wattage needed by the Graphics Card.

  6. Cases – Choose your case depending on the size of the Motherboard and Graphics Card. At this step you can go to the cart.

  7. Optional – The other steps are there if you would like to have a complete system.

Once satisfied with your chosen parts you can preview the list of components or go straight to the cart to purchase and place the order.


Subsequent to getting your request the procedure gathering the parts is quickly begun. This will rely upon stock accessibility. Since stock can run out during a day it could take as long as 7 days to restock.

Each procedure will be told to you by email and you can see the advancement of your expand on our Trello site by tapping on the Build Tracker button.

At the point when all the segments have been gathered the construct procedure will start. When fabricated, any BIOS/Drivers (in the event that Storage and Windows OS are introduced) refreshes required will be done at that point testing will start for 24 hours. This is to guarantee all parts are filling in true to form. Once more, you can follow your expand on our Trello site by tapping on the Build Tracker button.

Order Received Process

  1. Order received and placed on to the Build Tracker system. Watch the process of your build.

  2. Collecting all the items.

  3. When each item has been received a note will placed on the Build Tracker.

  4. Now the build begins. Each build step will be updated and noted.

  5. Any BIOS updates (if MS Windows has been added to the order all drivers) will be updated.

  6. Testing. The final part of any build. A 24hour test will be done on the hardware.

  7. The system has passed. Boxed and shipped.

One happy customer with a custom built gaming PC made to order one the way.


Now for the exciting part, the part you’ve been waiting for. Yep, that’s correct, once all the testing has been performed and passed your lovely PC will be carefully packaged and quickly shipped to your front door. All deliveries will be tracked so you can view where and when your PC will be delivered on which date, day, and time. Tracking info will be emailed to you.

Packaging Shipping Process

  1. All PC’s are package with great care.

  2. Once ready a courier will be assigned.

  3. When the courier has visited and picked up the package any tracking info will be sent by email.

  4. The big day! Make sure your in or you’ll miss your Custom Gaming PC made to order.

  5. If successful. Smiles all around!

At this point we would like to thank you for your custom and choosing DragonBlaze for building your custom Gaming PC.

We always enjoy building custom gaming PC’s, the thought of the customers face when they first open the box, lift out the PC. So, keep them coming.

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