How Does Nvidia Rtx 3000 Series Compare To 2000 Series

When Nvidia unveiled their Ampere GPU architecture at their online GTC 2020 keynote speech in May, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang confirmed that it will be using a 7 nanometre (nm) manufacturing process This is substantial as Nvidia’s current crop of RTX 2000 series graphics cards, such as the RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 use a 12nm manufacturing process at the moment, so the jump to 7nm should bring with it a considerable leap in performance. The smaller the manufacturing process, the more transistors Nvidia can fit on a piece of silicon, leading to more powerful GPUs and faster performance across the board. Nearly two years after bringing ray tracing to the mainstream with its Turing cards, Nvidia is hard at work on the successor to its popular RTX 2080 flagship.

The RTX 3000 series will use a new Ampere architecture of which debuted on Nvidia’s DGX A100 supercomputers, marking the 1st time of which the company uses a 7nm producing process for their GPU.

Like Turing before it, typically the Ampere-powered RTX 3 thousand cards is predicted to bring also better graphics efficiency to gamers in addition to workstations, but typically the perhaps most obvious upgrade regarding PC enthusiasts may be bottleneck-free ray-tracing capabilities. Here’s almost everything we know regarding it so far.

2000 vs 3000 RTX

Regarding how very much faster Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series is usually going to end up being with this fresh manufacturing process in addition to new power connection model, we’ll most likely have to hold out for Nvidia’s Sept. 2010 1st event just before we get several specific performance statistics showing how they will out-do their present RTX 2000 GPUs. That hasn’t ceased the web rumor generator from taking a new swing at that already, though, in addition to they’re currently confident that the RTX 3080 Ti maybe around forty percent faster compared to the RTX 2080 Ti thanks a lot to a substantial 5376 CUDA induration, 12GB of storage and also a 384-bit tour bus interface. The simple thing we need to continue is just what Nvidia’s RTX 2150 cards cost any time they launched back 2018, which an individual can see inside the graph under, along with their respective specs. We have also added inside the launch rates of Nvidia’s RTX Super cards coming from last year, also, so we’ve got a complete picture of their existing RTX 2000 series.

As a result, I would not be surprised when the RTX 3080 Ti’s price (or whatever it will be called) is near $1200 when it at some point comes out, in addition to I’d imagine typically the RTX 3080 may cost somewhere around $800, too.

Power Connector

It would certainly also appear of which Nvidia’s RTX 3 thousand series will employ 12-pin power fittings if this fresh image from PSU manufacturer Seasonic is usually anything to move by, as opposed to typically the traditional 2x 8-pin connectors that are utilized now. This might be very the particular sea change in case next-gen graphics credit cards also required a brand new PSU, although it can currently not obvious if all RTX 3000 GPUs will certainly need these, or even whether it’s only a unique quirk associated with Nvidia’s Founders Versions. Indeed, I have not heard anything regarding AMD’s new Large Navi GPUs needing new 12-pin energy connectors, but We guess it’s not going to become long before we find out for certain.

AMD’s Radeon RX 5000 graphics credit cards like the RX 5700 XT have currently made the jump to 7nm, plus their upcoming AMD Navi GPUs will also be set to become 7nm as nicely. As an outcome, Nvidia’s Ampere GPU architecture will lastly bring them in collection with their AMD rivals.


In the same way, AMD is concerning to strike a new blow to Nvidia’s supremacy in typically the GPU industry together with its upcoming RDNA 2 architecture, saving money team is reaching back at ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES with the fresh RTX 3000 sequence springing up soon.

ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES ought to be commended regarding its success inside having its visuals chips included inside next-generation gaming systems, which may have explained of which they want 4K gaming. Yet, that looks that Nvidia’s Ampere technology may be the 4K option.

The RTX 3090 is apparently going to end up being the replacement regarding Nvidia’s Titan RTX card this technology, and in line with the twitter update, it will be a substantial triple-slot GPU as opposed to the usual a couple of.

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